Biker Girl

Biker Girl

August 11, 2016 0 By Rockets

Top 3 Reasons Why Should Date That Biker Girl That You Know!

Being a biker girl can be seen from two opposite sides in this modern world. In other words, while some persons see it as something that should only be meant for the men to do, others consider it as a way of being courageous. That is to say, the first school of thought doesn’t approve of it while the second does, as it doesn’t see anything wrong with it. Looking at both clearly and objectively, you can say that there is nothing wrong about being a biker girl. In fact you will soon discover why you should consider dating one. You are very eager to find out right? Below are some of the reasons.

They’ve Got Balls

Whether you like it or not and would want to admit it, dating a lady that rides a bike is something that you should learn to embrace with both hands. They aren’t soft but rather are bold just like you. What kind of a soft lady would want to take such risk? Of course you know the answer. It is definitely the one that rides a bike. They aren’t scared because they have been on some adventures in the past. They have taken one risk after another.

You Ex – Girlfriends Have No Chance

This is should be some good news. That, if you have an ex-girlfriend who wouldn’t let you to sleep with your two eyes closed in the night. She is always calling you and threatening you. Don’t worry because it will be the other way round the next time she sees you and your new lover who is a biker girl. She wouldn’t even dare to make a move most especially when she is sure of who you are hanging out with. This is because someone may have some bruises all over her body if just can’t know how to behave.

You Will Save More

Even though there are going to be some arguments about this one, truth still remains that dating a biker girl can make you not to spend too much as compared to dating the normal girl who would want to have some fast food stuff. All you need to give such a person is some glass of beer after a race and bang! You are locked on with her. Of course, such won’t put a hole in your pocket. Will it?

Hey! Lest I forgot, if you are going on vacation with your biker girl, don’t worry she could take you on her bike to some wonderful places where the two of you can talk about life. Take your chance while it is there before its gone forever.